Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 247 - February is the least fun month

In case you are wondering, I am officially over February. About three years ago, it seemed everyone was so grumpy all February that I vowed to go on vacation for the whole month the next year. It didn't happen. I usually feel a low level of undefined restlessness in February--perhaps a cousin of cabin fever; I just can't get settled and comfortable. I start projects; I am filled with shapeless longing for something undefined. If I ran the world, New Year's would be February 14 and everyone would get a week off. Doesn't that sound good?

Otherwise today I worked, I walked, I bought new earrings and reading glasses.
Old earrings, new reading glasses, same me.
One of the nurses asked me where in my disease treatment I am and it's funny that there's not a whole lot to say, "In remission and hopefully will stay there." It's hard to figure out if I should launch into the whole repeat lab business or not. I didn't feel like talking about it; I'm maybe a little tired of the whole leukemia thing; so I gave the headlines only.

For me for tomorrow I will hope for whatever the self created emotional equivalent of a low dose of haldol might be to settle down my restlessness. For you, for tomorrow, I will wish for more or less restlessness, as you wish.

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