Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 139 - surprise french toast

It could be said that today technically started last night at Ellie's bedtime when she mentioned, "O, by the way, you have to bring french toast to school tomorrow morning for the parent breakfast." Fortunately, we had everything we needed to make french toast for ten already in the kitchen, but that provided a different start to Friday than we were imagining.

I am not sure why there was a potluck, but there was, just for the kids in Ellie's "pod" (they actually don't call them pods; they call them teams, but everyone seems to understand what a pod might be). We went there, dropped off the food, stood around for a few minutes, then went to the auditorium where essentially we were united with Ellie, then we all walked back to the pod. Mostly we stood in line, waiting our turn. When it was my turn, I realized with an ANC of likely under 100 by now, I could not have any hot, now warm, dish that had been cooked who exactly knows how in some one else's kitchen, that I had to stick to the pre-made bakery goods. They were all sweet; there were two types of chocolate muffins. I felt quite sorry for myself, looking at the beautiful, slightly crisped cheese top of a breakfast casserole that I could not have. Then, at the end, I had to restrain myself from the apple cider as it's not pasteurized. The self pity was quite an astonishing thing to see. I also felt tired and it is surprising how much energy standing uses up. I was constantly searching around for a place to sit. Out of order, but related to this, we had a loaf of bread with a hard, but not stale at all crust, that I used for the french toast. I cut the bread with a bread knife into eleven slices and that made me feel noticeably tired. I didn't need to sit down, but had to pause a moment before I was able to do anything else. This fatigue is even worse than pregnancy fatigue *and* there's no cute baby at the end.

Next, it was time to rest, followed by a visit from Diane. I had my heart set on Green Bean breakfast (it sounded like the cheesiest, eggiest, richest consolation prize that would be safe for me), but they stopped serving about twenty minutes before we got there. They have to re-do their whole kitchen to make it so it wasn't like they were being difficult or anything. We slaked our sorrow at the Loaf N Ladle which Diane prefers and I had delicious clam chowder.

Next, we stopped at Tommie's to admire her new couch. I approve. The corner was comfy for snuggling in and the dog fit well too.

I came home, took a nap, Ellie came home, then Terry and then Emily for the weekend with her roommate. I may not be posting much this weekend due to a happy, full house. My wish for myself for tomorrow is a happy family day. I hope you are able to spend time this weekend with those you love, too.

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