Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 148 - the marrow returns

Great day today. ANC of 100! triple digits for the first time in like 10 days. It feels so good. I left my room for the first time this admission and walked around the station several times. It went well. Then, with my friend Eva (please note I would not do this alone at this point), I went to the fifth floor and did a lap of my usual long walk successfully. I didn't want to do more because I felt a little tired. I probably could have pushed more, but really why would I at this point?

Other news: I was unmaking my bed this morning so the aides could make it and I needed to rest afterward and breathe hard so they gave me a unit of blood even though at 7.1 I was not officially ready for a transfusion. Phew! that also contributed to giving me a nice day. My platelets are 13 which might mean that my platelet machinery is waking up, more excitement. I am not sure, but I think my last big fevers were close to 24 hours away and I only had one little fever today. This afebrile day brought to you by your local neutrophil.

I had two visitors: Rob in the morning, Eva in the afternoon, separated by a two hour nap, lunch and some misc goofing around on the computer. I had fun with both of them. Rob brought his really cool version of a tic tac toe game that he invented--that he got a celebrity endorsement from Will Shortz "best tic tac toe like game I've seen" or something similar. Cool, huh? Eva brought Sanpellegrino water which is so nice to mix with regular water when you are getting really sick of regular water, but nothing else really sounds good.

I am hoping tonight for nothing more than a good night's afebrile sleep. That seems a modest wish for you, but for the day before the workweek (unless you get Vet's day off), it's not a bad wish so I hope you all have good afebrile night's sleeps (except for those of you working over night, but especially those of you on call overnight).

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