Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 140 - jail threats

We have gotten to the time in the consolidation cycle when my blog reads somewhat like a nine year old's journal: "Dear Diary, played with the loom a while, then mom let us have pizza. Next it was bath night." Actually, we had chinese at Tommie's for dinner, but the rest is about right.

This morning, Terry and I went out for breakfast to a place we often go. The woman who helped us was chatting with me, asked me how I was doing, etc. I told her that I had about two and a half weeks until I had to go to jail. She, very sympathetically said, "O, dear, you have to deal with that too?" Chemojail. Mental note to not shorten it again.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with Emily and her roommate, weaving and napping. We really did have chinese at Tommie's. (I tired to put a link to the restaurant in, but keep getting sent to "you may be a winner" popups--it was Penang and Tokyo.) It really was delicious as always.

As for leukemia news, I have developed a few petechiae which I don't normally do. I have one on my philtrum and multiple on my hands. I never get them in normal locations like my ankles; I don't know why. I have had platelets of 2 and no petechiae so it is impossible to guess what this might signify, if anything.

The other news is that the next treatment--whatever it is--will be my last. I realized today that this might be my last consolidation (might not, too). I sort of feel like I should have a ritual for it or somehow mark its end, but am not sure what it might be. I am still waiting to hear if my last treatment will be another consolidation or an auto stem cell transplant and will let you know when I know.

My wish for a nice family day for today certainly was granted and for tomorrow I'll wish for safe driving for Emily. For you, as well, travelling safety if appropriate and, if not, staying home safety.

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