Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 158 - thanksgiving eve

The marrow would like to open today's post: "I'd like to point out that even though Mary took a big spill, she hardly got a bruise at all and that is because I am doing my job, unlike some other organ systems I could mention. I think it was the nervous system's responsibility to keep Mary from falling and it failed to a) see the curb b) raise the foot. And, no one has been trying to kill the nervous system off, unlike you've been doing to me. Maybe it's really the nervous system that needs the chemo. Just saying."

Other than healing from my fall which has not taken much of my energy at all, today was spent at Matt's getting a huge collection of potatoes, at home cooking said potatoes and also making the "Giant Beans with spinach, tomatoes and feta" recipe from the New York Times. Tommie can't eat tomatoes and Terry can't eat feta so although I made two versions of the recipe, I did not make the actual recipe ever. They both looked and smelled good; we'll see. They print a whole collection of vegetarian recipes for Thanksgiving, many of which look quite tasty. I also have plans for baked acorn squash and mushroom and onion pie, although not for tomorrow. My energy is slowly returning; I was able to cube and mash a huge pile of potatoes, mostly while standing so that's progress.

Emily came home this afternoon and we are so happy to see her. Maggie is 100% better; thank heavens without any further bodily fluid emissions. Terry is getting ready for his open studio this Saturday and Sunday. Now, you are up to date on our family's comings and goings and that's about all I have for today.

For tonight, we will all have the same wish. I would like to wish for the ability to see all that I am grateful for as well as to actually be grateful. I hope it is not too presumptuous to wish that for you as well, but I think it is a fitting and happy wish for tonight.

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