Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 145 - up, down, up, down

Today was not my favorite day. I had a lot of fevers, some very mild rigors and was generally exhausted. I did get a unit of blood which made my headache go away and made me feel a little bit more energetic. Then, the best news of all, at the end of the day, they switched my antibiotic (to zosyn) so hopefully this will work better. What I really need are neutrophils and currently, I have zero still. I think my marrow has been pretty beat up by the chemo.

If you are coming to the reading on Monday in Lebanon, it is at 6. I should warn you that if I get discharged on Sunday, I may not feel like making the trek back up here. Check the blog to make sure I'm reading before you make the trek if you are coming just to hear me read. I think discharge on Sunday is a very unlikely scenario; going from 0 to 500 in three days would be the work of healthy marrow, not marrow that has three doses of HIDAC behind it, but we'll see.

I still feel completely without energy, charm or wit, but at least I have been out of bed to the chair twice today. This is a big improvement over yesterday where it was zero.

Here is a really nice picture of Ellie snuggled under the blanket I made:
She looks pretty comfy!

Ellie is cutting the blanket off the loom.
I am so hopeful that the new antibiotic will work better and get rid of my fevers. For you, I hope for the ability and will to change courses when needed.

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