Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 154 - a funny story and good night

Today was spent walking (about twice as far as yesterday), napping, NEJM'ing, internetting and thinking about weaving. I had lunch with Terry and Stefan and dinner with Terry at the Blue Moon. So, it was overall a very nice day.

I forgot to tell you this story when it happened so it's belated, but it's a slow news day here. When I was at the NHHPCO conference, the person ahead of me in line was a older man with very short white hair and a bald pate. He turned to me and said "I see my haircut is coming back into style." Without really thinking about it, I replied, "Yeah, but mine cost $170,000 and came with a 20 pound weight loss." He was silent for a few minutes, then turned around, looked me right in the eyes and said, "but you're ok now, right?" I assured him I was and we had a nice conversation about hospices. It turns out he is a volunteer for a hospice in Laconia. I can never remember where Laconia is, far away, up north, near Franconia and Berlin, right? When I look at a map, I see that my sense of northern NH is like saying "I'm from the SeaCoast, you know, near Exeter and Portland." Maybe I need to do a little local travelling so I'm not such a doofus.

I wanted to buy cider from my favorite orchard, Apple Annie's, but no apples this year. Remember it for next year, though, because one of the fun things to do in the fall is go there and they don't mind if you bring a picnic and stay a long time. The old dog, Cider, used to beg. I don't know if the new dog does or not.

That is positively it for news from here. I am hoping for another good night's sleep, but for variety, I'll hope for a more energetic tomorrow because lack of energy has been my main concern. For you, I'll hope for a fun filled tomorrow.

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