Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 157 - normal fall

The highlight of today was that I went to Portland with Tommie to see the Winslow Homer exhibit. On the way there, took quite a good tumble. I didn't see the curb in the parking structure. It was dark. I didn't hit my head, but I did fall, twist, hands, butt, shoulder. It was really nice to take stock: nothing really hurting much, brush myself off and go on. No required visits to the ER or calls to my doc or nothing. Just like a regular person. More signs of recovery. My platelets are in the normal range so yippee for me! We went to the exhibit. Tommie loved it; I liked it a lot, but am not as visually oriented so I don't think it did quite as much for me. The museum also has a stash of his pictures on the second floor in their permanent exhibit so we went up there too. It turns out he did etchings, oil and watercolors. I think both Tommie and I liked his watercolors best.

Big news! I realized today for the first time that my hair covers my scalp! Whadd'ya think?

In other news, Terry is getting ready for his open studio this weekend. Go shopping at the mall on Friday, but then on Saturday or Sunday, come to his open studio in Kittery. There are a lot of artists there; they rent the halls and landings to outside artists beside the people who are in the building and it always feels very festive. Either before or after, you can go to the Beach Pea for lunch and afterwards, you can either walk around Portsmouth or go to the outlet malls. Just let me plan your day for you!

I think that's about it for my news; a single trip to the art museum and I'm worn out. For tomorrow, I am hoping for the ability to focus on being thankful instead of being busy getting potatoes or whatever made. I have a lot to be thankful for this year, that's for sure. I think that is not a bad wish for you, too although I am also going to wish for safe travels for you.

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