Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 160 - seconds, anyone?

So, we decided about a week ago that we would get a second opinion about my leukemia treatment so that we could be sure we had done everything we could to keep it from coming back. Dr Hill takes care of patients with AML, but his real interest is bone marrow transplant. I wanted to see someone whose main interest is AML who would know for sure if there was something else we should be doing as I near the end of treatment. I didn't want to mention it here until I had talked with Dr Hill about it which I did on Thanksgiving Day (perhaps some doctors work too much?). He knows a guy at Dana Farber that he thinks just fits the bill so he will be talking with this guy next week and I'll go see him hopefully soon. I suspect he will tell me that I am done and that Dr Hill has done everything just exactly right, but I do not want to feel in a year if something goes wrong that I wish I had gotten a second opinion sooner.

Today, I spent a few hours with Tanya, teaching her to weave which was very fun. She has a pretty old loom that is quite different from any I have used before, but we were able to muddle through and get her started--all warped up and the first half inch of cloth woven before I left. She was a quick study and when I left was happily sitting at her loom. She looked like she would not be budging for hours. It was really nice to teach some one how to do something that has given me so much enjoyment. It was also really astonishing to me to watch myself teach her and realize how much I've learned about weaving because as I mentioned before, I don't really have anyone to talk with about it.

Otherwise, I hung out with Emily and Ellie, ate leftovers and walked the dog about 2 miles. The dog walk is another opportunity for excitement because I was able to climb the hill by Town Hall without noticeable shortness of breath. I may not even be anemic soon; then, look out! I am sure that I was helped by last night's 12.5 hours of sleep. Don't forget about the open studios at Terry's studio building. They start tomorrow. Also, I forgot to mention that tomorrow and Sunday are Kit Cornell Days. So, after you go to Terry's studio, you can stop in Exeter and usually Kit has two pottery wheels where you can try your hand at throwing. If you've never tried it, you know you want to.

For me, I will wish for continued recovery and increased strength and stamina. For you, I hope you get to share something you love with some one nice.

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