Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 141 - Emily leaves

Last night, Emily was stopped for the first time by a policeman. Her front headlight was out and he just wanted her to know. He didn't give her a ticket or even a warning, just suggested she fix it. That means this morning Terry and I learned how to replace the headlight light bulbs in her car. That was a nice morning project which culminated in working headlights. I drove us to the car parts place and Terry feels like I'm safe to drive again so yippee!

Sadly, the next project was seeing Emily off, followed by a visit to Target. We went to get Ellie converses but she didn't like the style they had (at least we know her size now) and we somehow left with a pair of semi-combat boots and pink ear buds. The boots look great with her jeans and she's planning to wear them tomorrow.

I did some weaving and then thought I needed to make a big pot of macaroni and cheese. It turns out that making roux, especially the step where you mix the milk into the flour/butter mixture is actually a fairly aerobic activity and I had to alternate arms. The things anemia teaches you. It came out pretty good but Ellie prefers Heidi's.

I have gotten back to reading a bit and am enjoying a book of essays by Naomi Shihab Nye. Today I read a very funny essay about her interactions with the medical profession and how she saw a non-traditional healer at one point. She finishes the section by saying "I always think people with closed minds must never have had any ineffable experiences in their lives. Otherwise how could they be that way?" I thought that was pretty nice.

In leukemia news, I have petechia now, but only on the backs of my hands, more on the left than right. I seem to have more than yesterday. I still have none on my ankles or anywhere else. I continue to be without explanation for them.

Tomorrow will be labs and, if needed, transfusion on Tuesday. I'll let you know. I'm hoping to continue feeling a little better every day for me. For you, I will wish good health and feeling good, too.

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