Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 149 - the reading, the echo, the marrow

First, the marrow's news. "I have fully woken up and have produced 380 neutrophils per whatever unit they measure in the lab. This is a jump of 280 and more than trebling of my last production. I am also producing platelets for 27 and red cells for a total of 8.3. I hope you are satisfied."

I had an echo today because of the potential GPCs and my mitral regurge and it was fine.

The final news is that I did my reading this evening. I felt somewhat silly because I had to take my IV pole, but also feel it gave me more credibility as a sick person. People laughed at the right times and seemed to like it. The only problem was that my computer failed on the third page and that was sort of a huge disruption. Lesson learned: always use paper. So, I'm 48 and learning these things that everyone else knows. I guess it's better than learning them at 58. I really liked a lot of the other people's work. It was all very different. Two other people did "creative non-fiction": one a memoir of growing up on a farm  maybe 60-70 years ago (he talks about haying with horses) and one a very well done take on the "be sure to take time to smell the roses" thought. You can see from that how varied the program was.

The first half took twice as long as I expected it to so I decided to leave and go back to my room because it was 1.5 hours later and I had estimated 45 minutes. I knew Dr Hill was rounding and didn't want to miss him, like if he finished and went home to well earned rest. I also didn't want the evening nurse to worry about me. And maybe I was getting a little tired. I know now I am really looking forward to bed. I am sorry I couldn't stay for the whole thing. Next year, I'll be stronger and have normally functioning bone marrow (knock on wood) so will have better endurance.

Don't forget tomorrow if you are in Exeter or can get there easily to go to Patrick's reading at Water Street Books. Here is a recipe for a cheap, fun date. Go to Exeter, arriving at 6. Have dinner at the Green Bean or Loaf and Ladle (either place will put you back about $20 for 2), then walk two very pedestrian friendly blocks down the street to Water Street Books and hear Patrick read. For desert, continue down the street another block or two to the end to Stillwell's ice cream, get a cone, then promenade down the Swazey Parkway while eating it, admiring the lights and quiet and maybe even smooching once or twice if you're with your sweetie. A great evening for under $30 unless you buy a copy of the book (who wouldn't?) then under $40.

Tomorrow I am hoping the marrow will have more news that involves the number 500 for me. For you, I hope a creative endeavor you are really proud of that you get to share, not necessarily tomorrow, but sometime.

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