Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 159 - Thanksgiving Day

Well, Thanksgiving Day at Tommie's so tired me out that I came home and went straight to bed at 7:00 or so without an update. It's Friday morning and after twelve hours of sleep, I feel much better.

I spent a lot of yesterday thinking of all the things I'm thankful for, but other people's lists are kind of boring so I will spare you although being alive and in remission are near the front of the list.

In other news, the NYT recipe came out really really well. Emily says it is like spanakopita without the phyllo.  I think it may become a regular at our house although Ellie complained very loudly about both the onion and garlic in round one of the recipe and the leeks and scallions in round two. Most recipes contain their smelly ingredients to one step.

This weekend, I get to teach Tanya to weave. I have been weaving for about twenty years, but once I learned (from a really nice Swedish woman in Berkeley), I have been on my own all these years. It will be fun to have someone to talk with about weaving. Other than that, the whole weekend is devoted to hanging out and Terry's open studio. If you don't have anything planned for Sat or Sun, come visit and walk off some of the turkey in downtown Portsmouth afterwards or go to Point Odiorne while you're in the neighborhood. It's always a very festive environment with live music, lots of nibbly food (Terry will have a nice cheese tray from Nancy's).

For today I wish for safe travels for all our Black Friday friends.

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