Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 170 - ETA for work

If you were to look at Maggie, you would be able to guess one of the things I did today--take her for a long walk. Ana and her beautiful shepherd came over to accompany us through the PEA trails and wallow in the muddiest gullies (to be accurate, Ana did not do any wallowing). A good time was had by all and, as everyone knows, a tired dog is a good dog. Other activities were a little weaving and cooking some more of the delicious Greek bean recipe. I also got my xkcd volume 0 collection of webcomics in the mail. I got one for a present for a non-reader of the blog and, well, one for myself too. I also went to an unnamed location to finish my shopping for Terry.

I was a little tired after our walk; I feel like I'll sleep well tonight and that I am building some leg muscles. Walking three miles in PEA on trails is much more tiring than walking three miles in town on sidewalks. It's also more tiring than riding the exercise bike at Planet Fitness although I don't think it's as good for getting my heart rate up.

The topic I'm thinking about most these days is timing of going back to work. Dr. Hill thinks I should go back in January and I feel ready to go back in a couple of weeks. I think the difference is that I am planning on going back very part time and building up and perhaps he is imagining me working more hours initially. It is interesting to talk with my medical friends about this issue: some of them think it will be fine for me to go back, even good, and some of them think I should stay out longer. I like my job (OK, I love my job) and really miss it and the people I work with. My team at HHH has been working super hard and will be glad to have an extra set of hands (so to speak) around. I also feel like an incredible slacker to be on disability for a single second longer than I need to be. I am grateful for how generous my Dartmouth benefits are and don't want to take advantage of their kindness either. On the other hand, I don't want to be stupid, to exhaust myself unnecessarily or to risk having to go out again two weeks after I go back in. Let me know your thoughts on the subject.

For me, for tonight, I'm hoping for the wisdom to choose the correct path for me. For you, I hope you are able to make good decisions too.

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