Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 197 - cross country skiing

Yeah! I got my wish. Maggie and I got to go cross country skiing today. It was beautiful.

Maggie was extremely happy with the whole experience. I had a good time, but at one point, I got ice on my ski and couldn't get it off. I tried to scrape it off with the ski pole, but I actually broke part of it. Then I tried to slide it off with my fingers and they got wet and started sticking to the metal part of the ski pole. At that point, I decided that I would just pretend my skis were oddly shaped snow shoes and plan on expending a little extra energy. By the end of the trip, I was skiing on the right and walking on the left. swish stomp swish stomp swish stomp. Fortunately my dog is graceful because I'm sure I looked pretty goofy.

Maggie had so much fun racing around in the snow--those dogs with lots of fur get so invigorated by snow--that we didn't see much of her the rest of the day.

I, however, still had some energy. Emily and I went to Starbuck's then made the mushroom ragout and penne pasta recipe from this week's NYT. I had never made anything with dried mushrooms before, but now I know how to use them.

Then I spent some time weaving. For some reason, the left side of my harnesses stretched more than the right side so that the left side was half an inch lower than the right. I don't really remember how

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