Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 178 - Portland and a partial poem

Ellie got an ipad for her birthday in September. She loves it and took to it pretty much like a fish to water. She was happy with it and was able to get it to do what she wanted so I did not really pay that much attention to it. Over the weekend, she was showing me a game and I noticed that her power was at 3%. I asked her about it and she said it was always at 3 or 4 % even after not being used all night. I did a tiny bit of quick troubleshooting, changed the plug, the charger, jiggled things and nope, none of those helped. Terry backed up everything on it (good thinking!) and made an appointment at the Apple store. We took it to Portland today and it turned out to be a software problem which the nice guy at the Apple store fixed--at least, we think it's fixed. It's yet another example of how if you don't know what's normal you can't know what's not normal. Ellie, while being so sophisticated about using her ipad in some ways, is utterly inexperienced and had no idea that permanently being at 3% was out of the ordinary.

After our jaunt to Portland, I made my first visit to the new Trader Joe's in Portsmouth. It opened while I was in the hospital and, in fact, Terry texted me a photo of the line on opening day while I was in Lebanon. I really like their frozen, completely made dinners so I bought a lot of them and filled up the freezer. It doesn't feel quite the same as a regular grocery store although I think they have everything a grocery store does. I can't figure out what makes it feel different.

After that, I went for a walk/jog/run kind of thing and did 3.3 miles with an average of 13 minutes, 10 seconds each. This is an improvement from my previous 14.5 minutes last time. Hopefully the weather will be good for a few more days and I can keep being outside. I like it so much more than being at the Planet Fitness. I will be curious to see what the exercise bike experience is like next time. Maybe I will be able to bike at the sixty year old level.

I read a little bit of the compilation poetry book. Today I read the poems that seems to be related to people who have died. I liked a bunch of these and one made me laugh. I am pretty sure I can't quote a whole poem without permission and with any missing, it wouldn't be funny so I can't share that one, I'm sorry. There is one called "Letter to an Ancestor" which I really liked and part of it made me think of a conversation I had recently.
"Now that
I've found you in the
Census Book, I can't help but
wonder why we never heard a
word from out your way. I'd have
asked where you went on your
I was fascinated with genealogy for a year or two about ten years ago and spent a lot of time on ancestry.com imagining who my ancestors might be or what they would be like. At that point, I had Emily and two cousins whose mother was my grandmother's half sister for living "blood" relatives. I think I imagined that some dead relatives who I could learn about would be almost as good as the live ones I really wanted. Not so much, but a nice thought.

For me, for tomorrow, I wish for a fun beginning to my last week before returning to work. You could probably do with some fun, too. I will wish for a fun day for you tomorrow, too.

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