Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 188 - a visit to CMC

And, thus concludes our heroine's first week back at work.  I cannot believe that I failed to take a picture of myself on all three days, gussied up for work, but here is what I looked like at 6 pm on Friday.
I had had a full day at that point so I think things are going pretty well. This morning I went to work and did my work thing. That went fine. At the end of my day, I had to sign some paperwork at CMC and after I finished, I thought I would go visit some of my pals. No one was going to be all that productive on Friday before Christmas anyway so I wouldn't be disturbing productivity too much. I stopped in to see the pathologist who diagnosed me. He saw me at cancer committee the day I was diagnosed and tells me that I look much better now. I'm sure my peripheral blood smear looks better too. Next, I stopped up to see one of the administrators and it turned out his secretary did not know I had been out. The admin she works with knew the whole story so I had assumed she did, too. She said she just figured that I stop up from time to time and that I just hadn't had a need to stop up in six months. She was glad to hear that I was well and almost started crying when I told her I had leukemia even though she could see I was quite well now. She said it was good she hadn't known I was ill until I was better as she would have been so sad. I had only been at CMC as a patient in the past few months. It is nice to be resuming my old roles.

I am definitely more tired than I am on the average day I don't work, but still I feel it's not out of control tired. I told Dr Hill that I was not sure that I really understood that I had been sick, despite being in the hospital, having fevers, having no platelets, etc. I'm not really sure that the knowledge totally penetrated my skull.

After CMC, I came home and we did the NYT crossword, followed by a little weaving. Look! It no longer looks like a snarly mess! It almost looks like it could turn into a nice Christmas present, doesn't it? It better do so, on the double, as Christmas is only four days away now.

For me, for tomorrow, I will wish for happy family together time. For you, I will wish for relaxing time with those you love.

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