Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 191 - Christmas Eve

Today really started yesterday evening. I finished weaving the towel, but needed to finish it which requires two hems, washing and ironing.  The sewing machine is on the third floor so I trucked upstairs, discovered the only thread we had was black. Back down the stairs, search through the storage room. None anywhere, but I did find another spool of black. Those of you who have been to my house and seen my kitchen table will not be surprised to hear that just as I was giving up, I saw a spool of white out of the corner of my eye. Right next to the pile of Ellie's school books, the WD-40 and the bottle of maples syrup we're planning to send to some friends abroad. Our table organizational scheme is completely impenetrable.

Back up the stairs, wind a bobbin, thread the machine, hemstitch one edge, pin it (a nuisance is that I only own three pins. I'm not sure what happened to the other 97 in the package, but I only go to Joanne Fabrics 2 or 3 times/year and never remember when I'm there!), iron it, fold it over again, pin it, iron it, sew it. Same thing on the other side, except about three inches shy of the last hem, the machine jammed. Usually when this happens, it is because I have mis-threaded it, but it turned out that the spool of thread had--somehow--been wound so that it had two ends, one of which eventually wound under the other so that there was no way to continue unwinding it and the other which I didn't notice until I was forced to by the jammed up thread. Problem eventually solved and off to bed for me. 

It's somewhat odd because for the big things, I am good at getting myself quality. I have a pretty nice sewing machine, a great iron and a first rate pair of sewing scissors.. However, I do not have a full collection of thread or more than three pins. When someone understands how this makes any sense at all, could they explain me to me, please? 

Here it is, all folded, ironed, etc. you can see a little of the hem in the left lower corner. Not bad, right?
The next morning, I washed the towel while I got ready for work, laid it out to dry after carefully arranging it in a rectangle (this is where you can compensate for the flaws if the edges are not quite straight). I was the provider at the hospice house. It is really fun to do patient care and to be back there with my friends. In describing my day, I told Emily everyone survived and she said she thought that was kind of unusual in a hospice house. I get no respect. 

When I got home, I ironed it and yes! it was done in time to take to Patrick's 2-5 open house as a present which had been my goal. Clearly, just in under the wire. 

Patrick's open house was very fun. His to-be daughter in law made cheese puffs as we watched (I had made them the previous night at home by coincidence and I am not ashamed to say hers were way better, but I picked up some tips) and there were oysters and pate and delicious wine and cookies and lots of people to meet. I am always astonished to be in a group of people in the seacoast and not to know anyone, but it happened tonight. I always like that. Many of the people there knew a lot about traveling in France so we were able to get some tips on where we might like to go besides Paris. It seems people really recommend Provence. 

The day was not done yet. We went to Tommie's for Christmas Eve dinner, starring shrimp and scallops from the Ipswich Fish Market. I helped Ellie finish wrapping her presents on Tommie's big craft table and off to bed. I must admit that I was tired after yesterday, but I figure anyone would be, right? I really don't think it's because I've gone back to work too early. And--I did leave after four hours on the nose. I was up too late the night before but that was because of the stupid thread. 

My computer seems to have been hijacked:
hello my name is ellie i am cute. i am talented. i am amazing. my mother is wierd. 
back to its rightful master.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am writing this as though I were writing it on Christmas Eve, but I was such a social butterfly, I didn't get to it until Christmas Day. I don't feel right making a wish for a day that has already started somehow for myself. But, for you, I hope you have and are having a wonderful Christmas Day if it's something you celebrate. If it is not a holiday you celebrate, I hope you are having a wonderful day anyway. 

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