Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 175 - Target Cambridge

Today's main activity was a trip to Cambridge to Mobilia gallery to see Yoko's work. Terry knows her from urushi (Japanese lacquer from the sap of a tree similar to poison sumac). Her work (as you can see from the website) is exquisite. I had been to Mobilia a long time ago but somehow barely remembered it. It is a tiny storefront filled with mostly utterly gorgeous stuff, beautifully displayed. There was a wall of necklaces with trays and tray of rings under them. There was a tiny flock of brightly colored enamel (?) birds in one window recess. A small wall had a collection of teapots (they do a "Teapot Re-imagined" show twice every year) with the overflow tastefully displayed in the bathroom. Yoko's furniture was displayed along one wall and Susan's enamel vessels were on a table in the middle of the gallery. Behind her vessels was a table with Japanese food (a stir fry and these really cool tofu (?) skins that were stuffed with rice and had a bit of a delicate sauce on them) and little slices of pizza. The bathroom also had these incredible textile pieces, the aforementioned tea pots and several life size beaded pieces of consumer products like snicker's bars that were very funny.

The price tags were mostly not visible, but I didn't see any without three zeroes following the initial number. The people at the show were mostly friends of the artists, but I entertained myself trying to imagine who among the guests might be the ones who could spend that kind of money. There are so many different ways of being in the world, largely, completely invisible to me until we intersect for a second and I can catch a glimpse before the door between our worlds closes again. I only got to talk with one of the owners. She knew Terry and knew I had been getting treatment for leukemia so she was glad to see me up and about and looking normal. We talked about my going back to work and she had never heard of palliative care. She had heard of art and music therapy before and we talked about that some and I told her what palliative care was. She immediately thought of a person she knew who could have benefitted from palliative care. It was very gratifying to talk with her. Of course, it was also fun to meet all these people Terry had been talking about all this time and to see some of their work.

Earlier in the day, Ellie and I went to Target. There had been issues with not enough shirts in previous days so we had to solve that problem. Ellie has been wearing junior's size zero pants for quite a while because they fit better and have a selection of pants she'd actually like to wear instead of modified sweat pants. We went to the kids' section first and she found two shirts that she thought she might like. In the juniors section, there were five shirts. Of these lucky seven items of clothing, four were allowed to come home with her, all from the junior section. It feels like a milestone of some sort was passed today--all adult size clothes for my tiny little baby girl.

Nothing else of any real excitement happened today. Tomorrow is Tommie's show.

For my wish, I am hoping Tommie's show goes well tomorrow. For you, I will wish for a good outcome for whatever endeavors you have going on.

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