Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 196 - dogs a-walking

The big activities today were breakfast with Terry and a walk with Ana, Maggie and Ana's dog, Rykka. I forgot to take pictures, but they were cute tromping around the PEA forest in the tiny bit of snow we had.

After our walk, we went to lunch at the Good Karma Cafe which was delicious, but you can't mind the snake oil salesman at the cash register. We heard about the purported health benefits of many things he sells, among them vibrating pads you stand on to "open up your lymphatics" and an infrared sauna that is more effective than regular saunas at allowing your body to "cleanse itself of toxins." If you analyze your sweat after a regular sauna, "it's 7% toxins and 93% water; after an ultrsound sauna, it's 20% toxins and 80% water, because it's a deeper sweat." I know you come here to get the latest medical information so that is why I'm telling you this. It was all new to me, so I thought you might not know it either. We split a plate of nachos which were well-loaded. The beans, guacamole and salsa were perfect and even the vegan cheeze was tasty although not as tasty as real cheese would have been. For my meal, I had a vegetarian reuben which had flavors reminiscent of a "real" reuben, but was better as a thing on its own. Emily and Ana were happy with their lunches too, although I had Emily's salad. There were lots of raw sesame seeds on the salad and instead of having the nice taste and texture of roasted sesame seeds, they had no taste and the texture of fine sand. Next time, I'm getting my salad with extra dressing and no sesame seeds.

In the afternoon, I hung out with Emily, read a bit of the most recent Annals and generally goofed around. Tomorrow I think I will generally goof around and finish the Annals, just for variety. I was a little more tired this morning than I would have expected to be; I assume because of Friday's work. It is hard to tell for sure what my level of tiredness is now, however, because I had a nice walk which I haven't in a while. If the snow continues, we may be able to break out the cross country skis tomorrow! We live about three or four blocks from the entrance to the Phillips Exeter Academy grounds where there are maybe fifty acres of woods and fields we can make tracks on. We used to live one block away, but they closed the entrance closest to our house. The gate opened just beyond the outfield of their baseball diamond and I think some dog owners did not clean up after their dogs. It probably doesn't take too many piles of dog poop in the outfield to make them close the gate, sadly.

For me, for tonight, I will wish to wake to good cross country conditions. For you, I will wish that you will be happy with the weather where you are.

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