Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 184 - p.s.

I just read a retrospective of Daniel Inouye's life that the NYT put together in respect of his death. I went back to see if I could just quote the paragraph verbatim, but they seem to have updated the article and taken this anecdote out. They talk about an incident where a Hawaii family called him in the middle of the night and asked for his help getting their son home for a family emergency. He made some calls to the Pentagon and had the soldier on his way home within an hour. He said that helping them out was a pleasure that not everyone was able to get to experience. That is exactly how being a doctor feels; I thought he said it very well. Much of our work is such a pleasure and it such a privilege that a very small minority of people get to experience. 

p.p.s.Found it! Burlington Free Press:
He said he once was awakened at 2 a.m. by a telephone call from a Hawaii family asking for help in getting a soldier home for a family emergency. Inouye said he immediately called the Pentagon, and 30 minutes later the soldier had his orders to return home.
“That’s a special type of satisfaction that I can enjoy that none of you can,” he said.

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