Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 183 - Snow

Don't you think everyone on my list would like a snarly mess for Christmas?
 I would have to say that the highlight of today was going for a walk in the snow. About 1 inch stuck and it was still snowing lightly when we went out. Maggie was so exhilarated by the cold and snow, she could barely keep herself from running, rolling, tearing around the whole time we were out. Ellie was similarly effected and spun around on her feet, ran and rolled in the snow. On the football field by our house, Ellie ran to one end and Maggie chased after her, then we called her back and forth as Ellie came back. It was a real life demonstration of that stupid algebra one problem everyone has to do, but it was beautiful in the falling snow. Maggie enjoys running full tilt right at you and then at the very last second, veers off by a tiny bit so she doesn't run into you.

Emily and I did the Saturday NYT puzzle pretty handily and then became backers of the new American Values Club crossword puzzle and did our first one. It's made by the people who used to do the crossword in The Onion so you know to expect puns and a little (or more) raunchiness. The first puzzle delivered. It promises to be a very clever weekly crossword and is not very expensive. If there is a crossword lover on your list, this might be just the thing. Emily is getting it for Christmas.

I finally got the warp for my next project on the loom today as can be seen above. There was quite a while where the whole thing was a snarly mess, but it all sorted itself out. Speaking of messes, the hose leading from the wall to the shower head burst this morning while Terry was taking a shower. Normally, we just call our landlords, but as we had already altered the shower head once, we felt this one was our problem. Nothing starts one's Sunday morning off like a trip to the hardware store. Later, a trip to Starbuck's and Stop and Shop rounded out the day.

Like everyone else, I don't know what to say about the horror in Connecticut. I hope it gets us moving towards taking semi-automatic weapons out of circulation.

For all of our wishes tonight, I am going to wish for whatever measure of comfort can be felt by the folks involved in or affected by the shooting.

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