Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 185 - normal thoughts

The whole return to normalcy thing is just like quitting smoking has been described to me. You don't just quit smoking once, you quit smoking over and over in every situation in which you used to smoke: after dinner, when you're angry, when you're anxious, when you're bored, while driving. You get back to normal in every situation, too. When Ellie and her friend and I were playing in the snow, I got hit by a mixed snow and ice ball. In the eye. It hurt a lot, my eye watered and I couldn't convince myself to open it for a while. My first thought was o, no! platelets! followed a second later by a realization that I am actually normal now and don't have to worry about anything different from what I've worried about my whole life. I will have to realize I'm normal in every situation: hit by snowball, cut, around people coughing and hacking, when I get a virus, etc.

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