Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 192 - Christmas

Yesterday's post was written from my fabulous Christmas present, an ipod mini. I had such a frustrating time trying to get dropbox and blogger to talk to each other that I've gone back to the imac for this post. The thing is, this imac is on the fritz. It doesn't work very well and I'm sure it's going to fail before long. I'm going to use and ipad then for all my computing needs--I hope--so it's time to practice, practice, practice now. Other than dropbox problems, it's pretty nice. It's tiny and light and with its light blue case, so pretty! I don't really do games, but am hoping that it will turn out to be a great e-book reader and good for sending email (with its bluetooth keyboard).

Other than present opening and present playing, today's main activity has been exercising the dog so she would not be crazy pants during present opening. This turned out to be a failed mission, but we both enjoyed being out in the snow. My favorite part of when she chases a tennis ball is how as she is far from it, her tail is slightly below horizontal, but as she gets closer, her tail relaxes and spins in all kinds of crazy ways. Here she is triumphantly returning.
There is a foul pond in PEA that she enjoys swimming in. When she comes out, she stinks and is all muddy so I have to get her in the much cleaner river if she wants to be welcome in the house. It makes absolutely no sense, but the pond water is open, and the river is icy by the shore. Maggie is sensible enough to stay out of the river if it's icy unless there is a tennis ball within sight calling out to her, "Save me!" She rammed her way through the four feet of very thin ice by the shore to get out to where the river was completely open and when she came back, she was clean. I know to put up with stinky, dirty dog if the ice is thick because it can be dangerous and dogs (and people who think they can rescue their dog) get hypothermia or worse every year in the rivers in NH. Maggie came out of the river wet on the surface, but her fur is so thick and oily that all she had to do was roll around in the grass and voila! dry dog.
We are going to go to Tommie's house to have brunch for dinner in a little while (I'm making the pancakes and waffles). I think this sounds like a good meal. The one brunch exception is that we are having Beach Pea deserts.

For me, for tomorrow, I will wish for happy technology. For you, I will wish for a distinct lack of frustration.

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