Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 187 - work again

It's amazing: four hours of work, plus a commute, plus a little email about work adds up to nearly a full day. There was just a little time left over for weaving and dinner. Tommie discovered The Ipswich Shellfish Fish Market and if you like scallops or shrimp or probably just about any other kind of seafood, it might be worth a trip. We had delectable cold, grilled shrimp while we watched Tommie cook the incredibly fresh scallops. I cooked the salmon, but something had gone wrong with it and it tasted very odd (not old, more like chemical-y) and then we all tried some flounder at the end (I was underwhelmed by its delicate flavor). However, the shrimp or the scallops were so fabulous that there was no need for anything else to make an outstanding meal. Tommie also brought salad stuff over and it was surprise! dinner.

As for work, all the HHH providers got together today to talk about how things were going, what I had missed, what we were hoping for in the future. We hardly ever get to spend much time together because we are always going off in our individual directions. I also spent some time with a patient and her family. We were not really planning on me doing direct patient care yet, but it just worked out that way and I'm really glad it did. If I had had a particular day set up as The Day that I was going to start doing patient care again, I would have tied myself in a knot about whether or not I would still be able to do it. This way, no problem, it was very natural for me to do it and I did. It seemed like it went well, so I guess I can cross that worry off before I even begin to worry it; I do remember how to talk with families.

An interesting thing that happened was that while I was talking with the patient, I felt a couple of times "I so understand what you are saying; I felt exactly that way, too" and I felt the impulse to blurt out my story. Of course, it's not about me and it would not have been even remotely useful at this point so I reined myself in. I can see that I will have a little processing, as they say, to do before I go back to doing lots of patient care.

For me, for tomorrow, I will wish for eloquence and skill to convince my boss of the wisdom of my ideas and plans. For you, for tomorrow, I will wish for eloquence to ask for and get what you need from the important people in your life.

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