Thursday, October 11, 2012

A request for help

DHC is doing a reading of writing done by sickos (like me). I have been invited to participate and am not sure what I might offer to read. Would you think about which posts (since this is really the only thing I write) you have liked the best and think might stand well by themselves and either post in comments or "like" them or (third choice) send me email telling me which ones they are? Thanks. I have to submit 3 - 5 and the guy who runs the creative writing program of the palliative care department in Lebanon will pick the one he thinks I should read. I'll let you know what happens. Thank you again.


  1. When is the deadline? Working open to close all weekend. May not have a chance until next week. Does all that you posted today mean you have the ability to enjoy some of your favorite foods?

  2. No rush at all.I'm not sure when the deadline is, but it's all very informal.
    Yes, I can eat fairly normally now. What a pleasure!