Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 126 - quick little ordinary day and dinner

I'm not sure where today went. I had breakfast in Kittery with Terry, did a little weaving, walked 2.4 miles and had dinner at Stefan's (yum!). Sadly, Ellie is, in fact, too old to go to the Exeter Fall Festival so I didn't go either. I have years and years of memories of going on the horse pulled hay rides with her and this year, none. That is, of course, what happens. All things must end. I boycotted the whole affair and took the dog to PEA. We had recall lesson today (recall is the fancy word for the dog comes when you call her) because when we started out Maggie thought maybe she didn't need to listen to me. Turns out she does and she is actually pretty good at it once she realizes that she has to.

I think I wrote a poem earlier today; you can tell me what you think.

That is the sum of news for today, my penultimate day before chemojail #3. I am hoping for a relaxing, fun filled day for me tomorrow. I hope the same for you.

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