Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 110 - pretty much normal hospital normalcy

Today's big activity was that I took a shower by myself -- sitting down, but without supervision. It felt nice to be cleanish although I can't seem to scrub all the sweat/salt/whatever combination off completely and have some little white patches on a few high spots. I also put on clothes rather than a johnny after my shower so that is exciting and did sudoku for the first time since the half done one left on my computer from Thursday. My life is really pretty dull now: blog, sleep, eat, generally goof around, sleep, eat, etc. One of the volunteers came by as a person (rather than a volunteer as it's not his day) to drop off a book he wanted me to have, "Beautiful Swimmers." I read a few chapters and am enjoying it. It's about the Chesapeake Bay and the crabbing industry. Lots of nice people have called me to check in on me, see how I'm doing, make sure I'm not bored or lonely and I got a get well card from HHH. Thanks, everyone!

My numbers are looking up with an ANC of 60 and platelets of did they say 17? 23? somewhere around there. No more fevers and we're just waiting for that ANC to climb above 500 so I can go home.

I hope your day was as positive as mine and less busy if you don't like visitors or more busy if you do. I'll be happy with a loose replication of today for me, if something similar would suit your tastes, I hope we all get it. If you were hoping for something different, I hope it comes tomorrow.

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