Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 121 - a little visit to Manch

I had to get labs drawn today and as long as I was in Manchester, I paid my old office a visit. I also went in to see my boss to discuss coming back to work when I'm all consolidated. It is fabulous to think that I can see or at least intuit the light at the end of the tunnel so I really enjoyed that visit. It is always fun to go see everyone in the office too (didn't run into any patients today--weird) and hear what's new or (ahem) new to me. Everyone seems to be doing OK which is nice to see. I listened to Dr Kim discuss with a secretary how difficult it was getting a stress test approved for a patient--reminded me of the part of work I do not miss (no names were mentioned--totally HIPPA compliant).

I got my labs drawn and then continued socializing. I made one mistake and missed my morning snack on my way in. I knew there was a New England Bagel somewhere near my office but then couldn't find it so I just decided to be hungry--mistake. Then at almost exactly three hours after I started my visit, I became very tired. Back in the old days, when I got tired, it was like tiredness would sidle over and maybe toss an arm over my shoulder after a while. If I didn't respond, it would put its head on my other shoulder and then maybe jump into my lap. Now, it's like tiredness is standing on a balcony one floor up and dumps fatigue on me like it would dump the contents of a paint can on an unsuspecting pedestrian. I'm just lucky it doesn't drop the paint can on my head too. I still had people to visit so I continued my walk around and then fled for lunch. Lunch helped a lot, but when I got home I was sure glad to see my bed.

Other activities for today were to run the sampler through the washer. This is where the last blanket really did not do well so  had my fingers crossed and thumbs held. Fortunately, it held up beautifully and came out with more even tension and nicer than it went in. I'm still turning over the wisdom of doing a sampler versus the nuisance of doing yet another sampler. I also took Maggie for a short walk downtown with Tommie and her dog, Kita. Water Street Books allows dogs in the store and feeds them dog treats. Maggie goes right behind the counter and sits because she never forgets how to get a treat.

Tomorrow I have no plans at all at this point. I'm OK with that. I hope you are OK with your plans for tomorrow.

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