Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 134 - not a speck of news

Today being official run up to the storm day and all, there was not much to be done except nap, weave and make delicious salmon again.

I was really a champion sleeper today logging twelve hours in bed at once and then another in a nap late morning. I feel pretty refreshed actually and maybe even a little energetic, oddly enough. I went outside with the dog and then decided that the backyard really had to be cleaned up, the hose wound etc before the big storm got here. For some reason, it seemed very important to me that the storm not find our long hose all in a mess, but rather neatly wound up. I'm thinking this might be progress in terms of my energy level although maybe not in terms of my common sense.

I also went out by myself and ran some errands. I noted that despite having had chemo recently, my brain seemed to be working better than most of the ones I saw evidenced in the grocery store parking lot, to say nothing of the gas station. I was glad I parked as far out in the grocery store as I could, people seemed to have forgotten how to use their rear view mirrors at the Stop n Shop.

My big activity for today may have been winding the warp for Ellie's blanket. I'm almost done with it and it's pretty big. It doesn't seem to have any errors which is a relief. For those who wondered, when I went back to the website I bought the yarn from, they recommended 5 ends per inch so I decided to go with 6 without a sampler, having seen 8. Hopefully, I will not be a wiser and sadder weaver soon.

I also finished "Beautiful Swimmers" which I highly recommend. I see its writing in 1976 as a strong point as the book is becoming a description of a more and more distant way of life. It was fun to read and imagine being baked out on the Chesapeake Bay, coated in salt water, while in reality, we are all a little waterlogged here in New England with a little rain coming before the big storm.

Tomorrow will be a visit to Manchester to get labs checked. I'm hoping for enough white cells that I can still eat yogurt, but am not optimistic. I think I'll finish the StonyField tonight. Such a small wish, hanging onto my white cells for a couple days longer for me. I'm not sure if it really is a useful wish, truly, because I think there's just a certain number of days without white cells--have them now or later. Perhaps I will readjust my wish outward and wish for safety from the storm (whatever storm) for all of us. You won't mind if I use your wish tonight for that, too, will you?

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