Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 123 - technology problems

Terry got a new iphone today. I will get his old one and Ellie will get my old one and her phone that cannot play games will be so much junk. However, it turns out that I forgot my password for my iphone so I couldn't get my backups off my computer (I could backup to my computer, just not restore from it). I called Apple and two phone calls later they had a very time consuming way of doing it that required me to touch every piece of music I had bought from itunes, but would otherwise work. Then Terry and I started seeing if we could figure out a better way and eventually we did. As part of doing that, Terry helped me set up the new password on my iphone, "Ok, now go to 'notes' and put it there." I searched around and found "notes" and lo and behold there was an entry there "iphone backup password." I never use the "notes" function and would only look there when the set up ws exactly the same as the time before. It reminds me of a million years ago, I went on vacation and put my work badge in a safe place. Then when I came home, I couldn't remember where it was, so eventually I had a new ID badge made up. A couple years later, when I went on vacation again, I was putting my ID badge away in a safe place and what was there? the defunct, extremely safe two year old badge waiting for me. Arg! My brain and what? my will? my psyche? sometimes do not communicate as effectively as I wish they would. Anyway, I have now ripped out the remaining one quarter inch of hair that was starting to grow back everywhere.

Today, I spent most of the day visiting folks at Home, Health and Hospice. I got updated on lots of people's news and am getting very excited to have my life back again which is due to happen towards the middle of Dec/early January. It was nice to see people and there was actually a piece of paper with a verbal order I had given on June 14 for me to sign. June 14, of course, was the day I had my labs done that came back on June 14 saying maybe leukemia and then on June 15 (my first day of leave) they came back saying for sure leukemia.

I forgot to tell you about the ocean yesterday. There was a stiff breeze from land to sea (instead of the usual sea to land direction) and as the waves crested with their foam blowing towards the land, the wind was blowing in the other direction, blowing the foam away from the land. I felt like I had been sent through the centuries and across the world to a Japanese wood cutting. It was beautiful.

After my visit to HHH, I was exhausted and took a nap. When I woke, I sent Emily a text and she called me back and I got to chat with her. I told her what Ana told me her mom used to do which was to call and leave a message saying "I just want to let you know our phone number" and then she would repeat their phone number which hadn't changed since Ana's childhood. She thought it was funny, too. She's doing well; working hard and doing all the college stuff she's supposed to be doing. I continue to be a proud mother.

The final bit of news for today is that I got my labs from Monday and they're very nice. My ANC was 1590; my hemoglobin was 9.9 (we won't go into the TMI of why it's not going up better); my platelets were 192. All very good. My albumin which had nadir'ed at 2.7 (!) is now 4.1 and my ALT was just a speck high at 53. All good numbers.

I am so tired right now and in addition to the tiredness of being up past my bedtime and having had a busy day, there is the special tiredness of a frustrating evening with the iphone. I am hopeful that we will get it straightened out and I can go to bed soon.

Technology: can't live with it; can't live without it. For tonight, I'm just hoping for an iphone that can make calls. For you, I'm hoping for no technology snafus.

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