Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 109 - limping towards normalcy

I'm actually trying to concentrate my energy on the days earlier in the stay because they were more interesting in some ways than these days which are limping towards hospital normalcy. Dr Hill who is now my attending asked me which symptom was bothering me the worst and I couldn't decided. I'll categorize them for you:
1. left TMJ/ear pain - caused by five days of rigors. occasional zings related to position of the jaw, the pillow, my hands around my head, or the molecules in the room. interferes with sleeping, talking a little, eating a little. getting better slowly.
2. sore muscles - my legs and arms and stomach and back and neck muscles are all sore as though I've run a marathon I was unprepared for. This makes it hard to move around in bed or even get out of bed or to the bathroom. getting better nicely. I can walk independently today which is very nice.
3. fevers - the point of my being here and they keep making me feel terrible. Unfortunately the just discovered that I am 100.8 right now so they're really not gone, but very dimininished. The Neutrophilic Society recommends that people keep getting worked up until their fevers go away completely. I have had a cardiac echo and a CT of the chest, abdomen and pelvis recently. Dr. Hill was trying to talk me into getting an internal cardiac echo which gets a better view of the heart (one swallows the probe) and the infectious diseases doc would like to add stronger antifungal therapy. My worry is that no procedure is without consequences and it is a well known medical saying that the weaker the indication is for a procedure the more likely the patient is to have the side effects.

On the bright side, my ANC is 10 which means I am having some marrow recovery!

That's about it for today' offering. I am quite tired. Hopefully tonight I will be able to shed these miserable fevers and move closer to normalcy. I hope if you have something to shed, you are able to also.

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