Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 125 - back home

Not much to write about today either except that chemojail starts in 2 days. Did I mention that when they were trying to figure out why my fevers took so long to go away, they did a CT scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis? Well, they did. It was astonishing how quick the whole thing was. It felt like the chest took about 15 seconds and the abdomen and pelvis took another 15 seconds. It seemed they spent way more time whirring me into and out of the machine that taking pictures. I also remember that they had the best warm blankets; it seemed like their warmer may have been set 5 or 10 degrees hotter. Mmmmm, cozy!

Anyway, the chest CT came out slightly abnormal: I had a single moderately big lymph node, a whole bunch of slightly bigger than they should be lymph nodes and some "tree in bud" stuff in one of my lungs. "Tree in bud" is just how it looks (doesn't mean I have a tree preparing to flower in my lung) on the CT picture. It can be associated with infections, especially fungal and weird cancers (not leukemia). What does this mean? Well, we don't really know. Most likely that I had a little infection in there, the lymph nodes were reacting to it and now that my immune system is better, it's all gone. At any rate, Dr Hill thought we should take another look before chemojail just to be sure it's not bigger (in which case we might want to investigate a potential fungal infection before we wipe out my immune system). So, Monday morning, before chemo jail begins, I get a repeat visit to the CT scan. Hopefully, they still have the good blanket warmer turned on.

Tomorrow, Stefan has invited us for dinner which we are looking forward to. Tommie has invited Ellie over for dinner so they are excited too. Maggie has been invited over for her first visit to Tommie's on Sunday so if she could understand, she'd be excited as well. Tomorrow is the fall festival in Exeter which is always very sweet. I am hoping Ellie is not too old for it! You can see we have a lot of fun things planned for my last two chemo free days.

I hope we all have fun filled relaxing weekends.

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