Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 132 - a visit by Diane

Today's big activity is that Diane came to visit. We went for a nice 2 mile walk and had a chit-chat and lunch and it was great to see her. Otherwise, a quiet day with napping, catching up on the crosswords and reading taking up the slack.

Chemo round #5 is scheduled for about an hour. I wish it was scheduled for this very second because I want to go to bed now. Then chemo #6 in the morning and then home for this little chemojailbird just after lunch. They tell me that almost no one is discharged from MHMC before lunch; they just can't get themselves mobilized to do it. I will be able in all likelihood to be home in time for dinner so that will be very nice. I will be so happy to see my family, dog, bed and couch.

Tonight is sort of interesting because I have been admitted on Friday night three of my five admissions. It has been very rare for me to stay over from Thursday to Friday. Friday evening at MHMC is a little louder and sillier than the other nights. When I was being admitted on a Friday and part of the general mayhem, I didn't particularly notice, but this time, when I was admitted on Monday and am several days in on Friday, I can't believe how high energy the evening nurses and the new patients coming in are. Geez! Why so happy to be coming in to the hospital? I realize this paragraph sounds very curmudgeonly. Maybe I'm becoming my own grandfather.

For me, for tonight and tomorrow, I am wishing for speedy, uncomplicated chemo infusion and then speedy, uncomplicated flying out of here. I hope for you, too, that you are able to do unhindered any tasks you do tomorrow.

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