Tuesday, October 2, 2012

unclear what day #, but otherwise oriented x 4

I am not sure how much endurance I will have this evening. I really am getting better each day, but am still not doing all that well. I got out of bed this morning and was sitting in the green chair when Terry and Ellie came by to surprise me. I think it was a mutual pleasant surprise. It had been my first attempt out of bed except to use the bathroom or go to a test since Thurday. I spent some nice time with them and then got a fever and went back to bed. I really am not supposed to be having fevers this late on so they are working them up pretty intensively. The Neutropenic Society has recommendation for what to make sure is not happening so today I got both sides of my port accessed and cultures drawn to make sure there's not a hidden source of bacteria there and then I got an echo to make sure there weren't any collections of bacteria on my heart. As the final trio for today I am getting a CT of the chest abdomen and pelvis to make sure I don't have a hidden abscess in there. The prep is not as bad as I thought it would be, but I'm guessing it's not as nutritious as the chicken patty, mashed potatoes and mac n cheese I had planned. It's very funny; the person running this incredible workup (the ID doctor) will tell me I don't really expect any of it to come back positive, but I've been surprised before.

LNA her for vitals and CT looming, this may be it for tonight. Another inelegant and incomplete but written by me post. May your work be elegant and complete.

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  1. Thinking of you and praying that tomorrow will be a better day for you, Mary.