Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 118 - lots of happiness today!

Yogurt for breakfast; brie for lunch; Bluemoon for dinner (I've been thinking about "chicken under a brick" for about a month); last dose of ceftriaxone; port de-accessed; a shower without any plastic attached to my chest. Lots of happy things happened today!

Other than the above excitement, I took a nap, wove, ran some errands (Maggie has food now, hooray!) and went for a walk. My endurance is slowly building up. I walked about six blocks yesterday and was pretty much done in. Today I walked about eight and could have done a couple more. Maybe tomorrow I'll try for a mile. That's about it for today.

Tomorrow Tommie is moving in to her apartment in Exeter. I hope it all goes smoothly for her. I hope all your enterprises go smoothly tomorrow and always.

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