Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 120 - I go out walking

Today was dominated by no nap and a two mile walk with Tommie. My knees are sore, but otherwise, I'm OK. I'm working on that endurance; it seems to be coming nicely.

Patrick suggested that I save my own copy of the whole blog so that if something happens to blogspot, I still have it. This seemed like a good idea, but because not only is blogger horrible, but it is even more horrible on a mac, after 22 minutes of cutting and pasting, I have only finished Oct/September and I managed to wipe out one of my entries. Drat! It says that I have the entry "saved" in draft format so one would think I could revert to the original, but that button is no longer present. Not sure if it's lost and gone forever or if there is a bit of hope for it. I'm going to wait until tomorrow when I'm thinking better to have another go at it.

I finished weaving the sampler for Ellie's blanket and think it might be a tad too tightly packed. I wove at 8 ends per inch and think 6 might be a better weave. I really don't feel like weaving another sampler just to ascertain that 6 is right, but I also don't feel like weaving a blanket at 6 and discovering that it's terrible. wah, wah, wah tonight.

Something that's not wah, wah is how nice it is to have Tommie in town. It is really fun to call or text her and say "Let's have breakfast tomorrow" or "Let's go for a walk this afternoon" and have her be able to join right in.

I'm hoping for fewer annoyances for me tomorrow. Everyone can do with fewer annoyances, right? I hope that for you, too.

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