Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 114 - home, take 2

Yesterday, Kathy, super nurse advocated with Dr. Hill for me to get out Lebanon as long as I didn't have a fever last night. No fever; I'm out of there. Thank you, Kathy! She didn't even work today so she couldn't see me skipping down the halls with joyous abandon. At any rate, just after lunch, Diane came to get me and took me home. It is so nice to be home again, sleeping on my couch, sitting at my table, pestered by my dog. Not content to be just my wheels, Diane's family also made me delicious mac 'n' cheese with bacon which even Ellie liked (!). Thank you, Diane! Thank you, Heidi! Kate stopped by to say hi which was very nice and I feel truly home.

For those curious about the medical details, I am on rocefin to make a two week course which I will be learning to give myself tomorrow through my port. It's only a once a day antibiotic so it shouldn't be too difficult for me. Dr Hill says sometimes acyclovir can suppress bone marrow so I'm off it for a few days. On Wednesday, I'll be getting a set of labs by the Rockingham VNA which hopefully will show my ANC is high enough that I can to out for dinner and we won't need to decide to restart the acyclovir or not because my count will be too high for me to need it. Please hold your thumbs for me for that. We also decided to post-pone the third consolidation (which was due to start on Friday) for about 10 days to the 22'nd. My ANC today for those keeping score was 380 which was almost double the 200 I was stuck at. My poor marrow must just be ready to take offense at anything as it has been so maligned over the past few months.

I am so happy tonight to be in my own bed with my own blankets and my own family here, that I do not even feel a need for a wish for tomorrow for myself. You can have mine tonight. Use it well.

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