Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 115 - home still

Today was not very exciting either and I might be a little low energy due to recovering from being hospitalized. The visiting nurse came out and gave me ceftriaxone through my port on my very own couch and that was very nice. I read a less than thrilling NEJM, I napped, I ate three squares and now it's almost bedtime. I'm very happy to be so boring right now. My big news is that Ellie *loves* Heidi's mac 'n' cheese with bacon and that I get my blood drawn tomorrow. I am hopeful that my ANC will be up so I can stop peeling apples and start eating pad thai again.

I am wshing for more neutrophils tomorrow for me. Hopefully, you have enough. For you, we'll wish that your neutrophils never become too numerous or too few.


  1. Sound like a perfectly reasonable day to me. Wishing you more little pearly whites flowing like a river. So glad the mac and cheese worked well! Looking forward to seeing you all on the weekend!

  2. Glad to see you are home with your family, Mary.

    I didn't know you were also a lover of Thai food. I think I have eaten at every Thai restaurant from here to southern Maine and a few in CT as well. It is my favorite food! My favorite Thai restaurant is Khaopums in Dover on Central Ave.I believe it is the most authentic of them all. Tasty Thai at the Kittery Circle would be my second favorite. There are a couple of items on her menu that I think are second to none. There is more than one Thai restaurant in Dover. I don't care for the others. Khaopums is a standout. Unfortunately, the Thai restaurant in Exeter is my least favorite of all. Let us know when you can start eating Pad Thai again and I will have some delivered to you. It would really give me great pleasure to be able to do something and/or give you something that you would find enjoyment in.

  3. That is very kind. I've never tried the ones in Dover, but really like Bai Cha in Hampton. It is pretty new. Have you tried it yet?

  4. I think the owners of Bai Cha used to own the Andaman in Newburyport. They closed and I was dissapointed. I ate there and thought it was excellent, but have not made it to Bai Cha. You have now put that thought into my head so I will probably obsess about it until I get there. I read an article that they had opened then forgot all about trying it. Thanks for the recommendation.