Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 116 - waiting for labs

Today was another very normal day. I wove a little bit, sudoku'd, crossworded, napped, complained about how sick of the neutropenic diet I am, read another not too exciting NEJM and got my labs drawn by the visiting nurse. I also made a visit to Tommie's apartment and watched the afternoon sun diffuse on the river (I originally wrote shine, but diffuse is more accurate).

I was hopeful that my ANC was high enough that I could get take-out for dinner so I called the lab where my blood had gone and they would not tell me my results or even if my blood was done. They offered to transfer me to the medical records department where they wouldn't give me my results either, but I could fill out a form asking for them and then they'd send them to me in a week or two. I didn't want to call Dr. Hill's office for such a trivial thing as what I might eat for dinner so I am still waiting for my results. Maybe they'll be in by dinner tomorrow.

I've been reading a book of poems collected by Naomi Nye called "What Have You Lost?" She talks in the introduction about how one time she gave that as a writing assignment to a group of rowdy students and they settled right down and wrote for a long time, very engaged. I thought that sounded like a really good assignment for 18 year olds. I read the biographies of the poets in the back and I have been surprised at how many of them say that they feel they have come up ahead in terms of what they have lost and found(?)/gained(?). No one has said that they feel they have come up short, although many have not made a summary statement. Maybe those who feel they've come up short keep it to themselves?

Not much else to report.

For tomorrow, I am still hoping for neutrophils or at least for news of neutrophils. For you, I hope you get the information you need without having to make extra phone calls and without wanting to pull out any remaining hair you have.

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