Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 136 - this n that

This morning when Barbara came to pick up Maggie she had a brie baker for me. I have never made baked brie and I don't really think I'd ever had baked brie before today, but now I have and it's pretty tasty. I exulted so much in eating brie in yesterday's post that Barbara felt I needed a brie baker. It probably turns out that today is my last for sure day of non-neutropenia so I will transition myself to the neutropenic diet in the morning and I really had to eat the rest of the brie today. What I did was cook it as the baker suggested and then took it to Tommie's. We called up Barbara and she joined us eating brie and watching the sun set on the river. It was nicely relaxing.

Other activities for today include weaving some of Ellie's blanket. I am getting the challenges worked out and it is growing pretty quickly. It is so fuzzy and warm looking that I think it will be tough to hand over to her.

I also spent some time on the CAPC forum websites, imagining my professional life out there waiting quietly for me. I'm getting excited for being done with all of my various poisons and on to regular life again--mid December or so. I still do not know the specific next poison that Dr Hill has planned for me, but will keep you updated when I do.

Other activities for today were a little walk through downtown which was totally gorgeous today--the sun was out, a gentle, fresh breeze was blowing,  there were constant clumps of people out walking and enjoying the day (perhaps because there was no school?). I took this nice picture of the dam and this out of focus picture of a crazy bird that was hanging out in the river. There were two and I was not able to get either in focus. This is an example of the kind of thing the iphone camera is not that great at. I could carry around my point and shoot in addition to my iphone for just such situations.
All the overflow is coming out the sides; the dam wall is dry. There is strong consideration being given to getting rid of the dam as it serves no purpose any more.

Our photogenic river, taken from the String Bridge, looking upstream.

The weird bird. It's quite thick looking with a white chest and brown other parts and a waterfowl kind of beak.

More photogenic Exeter. It's hard to believe that this was the day we were all so worried about with Sandy. We were so lucky in the seacoast of New Hampshire. That's the public library behind the island. The children's room has a window that is right out over the river and worth a visit, especially in the spring melt.
This consolidation has been so much better than either of the others. I feel really quite good: easily fatigued, but energetic between rests. My mood and thinking seem to be fairly normal. My mucous membranes are intact. Hopefully, things will stay good this time. Tomorrow, Diane is coming for a visit and I have no other plans planned. Thursday will be my next set of labs.

I hope for myself for tomorrow a day of recovery. I hope for all the folks who are submerged or still damp, a quick recovery. For you, I hope a peaceful day with recovery if needed.

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  1. I loved your photography. The first too are somber, and cold like winter, the third like a breath of spring. The forth looked like a fall day on the corner by the bridge. I think it was a great appreciation of life in Exeter no matter what season.
    I wish for you Dr.Hills expertise in making a decision that'll take you through 100's more beautifull seasons in Exeter. Were counting on him.